• 20 Nov. 2020

[Pre-Order] FINAL FANTASY® XI BRING ARTS™ Shantotto & Chocobo [Action Figure]


Chocobo, a well-known creature from the FINAL FANTASY franchise, races into the BRING ARTS line featuring a design from FINAL FANTASY XI, the first MMORPG in the series!

We have worked diligently to recreate the realistic design and color scheme found in-game that fans know so well. The reins and saddle are removeable, allowing you to enjoy the chocobo as seen in the wild, and in its mountable, “chocoback” look. The angle of the beak opening, the joints in between the thighs and forelegs, and each talon can all be adjusted, allowing you to create dynamic poses such as a majestic chocobo leaping onto the battlefield.

Recreate your favorite scenes from the game with this poseable action figure!

* This product does not include the saddle designed for Shantotto.

Figure Size (CM): W 8.89cm × D 18.03cm× H 18.03cm
SRP: €110.99
Release: May 2021

Shantotto & Chocobo

From FINAL FANTASY XI, the series’ first MMORPG, we’re pleased to bring you the unrivaled Lady Shantotto and chocobo in a BRING ARTS set! One look and you’ll notice our team has diligently recreated the Tarutaru’s round and cute features.

Shantotto includes two face options, one with a neutral expression and another with a smile, an Iridal Staff, and three sets of left and right hand parts as accessories. Though small, her shoulders and arms can be moved in a wide range of motion, allowing you to recreate her infamous maniacal laughter pose. The chocobo comes with reins and regular saddle. This set also includes a saddle made specifically for Shantotto, allowing her to pose in various ways while mounted. A masterpiece whose rich and soft color scheme adds to its charm. Recreate your favorite scenes from the game with this poseable action figure!

Figure Size (CM):
Shantotto: W 4.82cm × D 2.79cm × H 7.87cm
Chocobo: W 8.89cm × D 18.03cm × H 18.03cm

SRP: €139.99
Release: May 2021

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