• 7 Mar. 2024

FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS Half Anniversary Campaign On Now

SQUARE ENIX announced today that FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS, the mobile RPG, celebrates its six-month anniversary since release.

◆ Half Anniversary Campaign On Now!

Various campaigns are being held to commemorate the Half Anniversary!
The exciting campaigns include the below.
*Please see the in-game notice for duration and details.

◆ The Knights of Judgment - Project Zero Remnant On Now!

As of today, the event The Knights of Judgment - Project Zero Remnant is on now.

The Knights of Judgment scour time and space in search of worthy opponents. Now, those chosen have been gathered to prove their mettle in battle!

Period: Mar. 6 6:00 PM PST–Apr. 7 6:59 PDT 2024

During the event period, collect the event-exclusive Exchangeable Items: Charger's Horseshoe and Golden Wheel, to exchange for various items at the event exchange, including the limited Yuffie-exclusive weapon 5★ Chariot Wheel.

*For details, please see the in-game notice.

◆ Cloud & Glenn Limit Break Draw On Now!

A limited-time Draw featuring the Cloud-exclusive weapon Stream Saber, and the Glenn-exclusive weapon Stream Slasher is available now! Additionally, get new Gear for both Cloud and Glenn from the Stamp Sheet!

*Stamps are only stamped upon performing a 10 Draw for the corresponding Draw.
*Please check the in-game notice for details.

Period: Mar. 6 6:00 PM PST–Apr. 7 6:59 PDT 2024

FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS lets players jump into the action thanks to deep RPG features, including FINAL FANTASY VII’s iconic Active Time Combat Battle System, a customizable party lineup featuring Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Zack, and many other iconic characters, engrossing battles with powerful bosses which can be taken on in co-op alongside friends and much more.

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