Strange events transpire on the Mist Continent, one of the four main lands of Gaia. The kingdom of Alexandria, ruled by Queen Brahne, begins their invasion of other nations under orders of Kuja, the 'angel of death' from Terra. An accidental encounter in Alexandria brings Zidane, Vivi, and Garnet together, and they set out on a journey that leads them to discover the secrets of their past, the crystal, and a place to call home.


  • Zidane Tribal  

    Zidane Tribal

    A thief and member of the Tantalus Theater Troupe, Zidane was taken in by the troupe's leader, Baku, when he was orphaned at the age of four. Having a weakness for pretty girls, he falls for Princess Garnet of Alexandria during a kidnapping attempt. As they band together to end the war, he finds himself caught up in the strife surrounding the world.

  • Vivi Ornitier  

    Vivi Ornitier

    Vivi is a shy and worrisome boy who accidentally becomes involved in the princess's kidnapping attempt. Through a series of events, he decides to join Zidane on his journey, and along the way discovers the shocking truth about his past.

  • Garnet Til Alexandros XVII  

    Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

    Dubbed the most beautiful princess in the history of Alexandria, Garnet is in fact a summoner from the ruined village of Madain Sari. She washed ashore on Alexandria and was taken in by Queen Brahne when she was six years old. As she witnesses the queen slowly change over the years, she requests Zidane kidnap her on her sixteenth birthday and joins him on his journey as 'Dagger'.

  • Adelbert Steiner  

    Adelbert Steiner

    A trusted and loyal knight of Alexandria, Steiner is a rigid man for whom the world is black and white. Though he sets out to retrieve the kidnapped princess, he joins Zidane and the others, and the journey forces him to question his life's path and what it means to be loyal.

  • Freya Crescent  

    Freya Crescent

    A member of the Royal Dragon Knights of Burmecia, this mysterious female warrior left her homeland in search of her lost love, Fratley. Freya reunites with her old friend Zidane in Lindblum as preparations begin for the Festival of the Hunt. When she learns forces are preparing to attack her hometown, she rushes back to Burmecia to save her people.

  • Quina Quen  

    Quina Quen

    The Qu are a mysterious tribe known for their strange eating habits and love of cuisine. Quina is a young Qu who lives in a marsh near Lindblum with Quale, the head Qu. Quina is a gourmand with a love of frogs, and though content with the frogs in the marsh, decides to travel the world to taste what else is out there.

  • Eiko Carol  

    Eiko Carol

    A cheerful and precocious young summoner, Eiko lost her parents shortly after she was born. When her grandfather passed a year ago, she was left to live in Madain Sari with the company of moogles. It's love at first sight when she lays eyes on Zidane, and she joins him on his journey upon learning of Kuja's nefarious plan.

  • Amarant Coral  

    Amarant Coral

    An accomplished and highly feared bounty hunter, Amarant's thick mane of red hair has led many to call him the Flaming Amarant. Alone since he can remember, his fists are what have kept him alive. Amarant challenges his long-time rival, Zidane, to a fight and loses, and is confused by Zidane's mercy. His curiosity leads him to join Zidane on his journey to discover what makes him tick.

  • Kuja  


    The one responsible for plunging the world into chaos, Kuja is not human, but a Genome, a vessel for Terran souls. Though he shares a connection with Zidane, he's threatened by his potential, and abandons him in Gaia shortly after his birth. Unlike other Genomes, Kuja has a surprisingly strong will and often clashes with those around him.

  • Garland  


    Garland is an old man donning a dark cape, shrouded in mystery.

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