• 10 Sept. 2020

FF Weekly: September 10th Remember When...

CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII–’s thirteenth release anniversary is on September 13, just a few days from now! Let’s take a look at one line from the game pertaining to a certain weapon well known by many FFVII fans.

“Use brings about wear, tear, and rust. And that's a real waste.”

This line is spoken by Angeal Hewley – a member of SOLDIER, First Class, and mentor of CRISIS CORE main character Zack Fair – about the iconic buster sword! Angeal was the buster sword’s original owner, but he rarely used the massive blade. It was forged for him by his father upon joining SOLDIER so he was careful not to tarnish it, instead mostly utilizing a standard SOLDIER sword.

Upon inheriting the buster sword from Angeal, Zack uses its blunt side to honor his mentor’s wishes.

Each character uses the buster sword in his own way! Were you familiar with this part of its history?