• 12 Nov. 2020

FF Weekly: November 12th Remember When...

Today, November 12, is the 11th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: The Crystal Bearers’ Japanese release! To commemorate, let’s check out an oft-repeated line from The Crystal Bearers and the character who says it!

“Leave it to me!”

Layle is what is called a crystal bearer – someone born with a crystal inside their body that gives them special powers! Our hero’s crystal grants him a telekinesis-like control of gravity. Laid back and level headed but with a penchant for excitement, Layle is a traveling mercenary for hire, helping the people he meets and taking on whatever work he can find. However, crystal bearers are not universally loved and his uninhibited use of his powers gets him into trouble right from the start of an adventure filled with action and intrigue!