• 18 Feb. 2021

FF Weekly: January 28th Remember When... Results

Thank so much to everyone who shared their favorite Gold Saucer attractions with us! Let’s take a look at a few of the comments we received.

  • Chocobo Racing all the way! The feeling when you finally beat the Black Chocobo is better than taking down Emerald Weapon.
  • The submarine hunt mini-game as it provided a just right blend of challenge and fun.
  • Battle Square. Loved the battle system, and running a gauntlet that gets progressively harder really challenged battle strategies. Still holds up today.
  • Snowboarding! It actually captured the feel of 1990’s downhill skiing arcade games.
  • I always enjoyed Mog House because of the calm atmosphere. It was as if the characters were playing a little rpg of their own; like a little respite from their coming battles.
  • Event Square. I love how off the walls the play can go, from asking the princess's measurements and watching your date punch everyone to having Cloud end up with the Evil Dragon King. It's hilarious!
  • Speed Square was a nice breather from all the grinding and battling. Enjoyable but also hard enough to master. A real fun ride!

Looks like you all have great memories of the Gold Saucer! Thanks once again to each of you who let us know your favorite attractions.

January 31 is the 24th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY VII’s Japanese release, and only a few days away! To commemorate, we’d like to introduce some of the attractions that can be enjoyed in that mecca of entertainment, the Gold Saucer!

Speed Square

The Speed Square houses an attraction called the Shooting Coaster, in which the player rides a roller coaster-like ride and shoots targets to earn points! Different prizes are awarded depending on how many points one obtains. There are even prizes you can only get by riding this attraction, so don’t miss it!

Chocobo Square

True to its name, the Chocobo Square allows the player to participate in or bet on chocobo races for prizes! To increase one’s chances of winning in races and getting the best prizes, including exclusive equipment, one can catch chocobos and breed them at the Chocobo Farm on the east side of the overworld. There’s lots of fun to be had breeding and racing chocobos in FFVII!

Battle Square

Here, the player can choose one character to take on in a series of battles! Progressively tougher monsters and handicaps await in each new match, and the longer you survive the more battle points (BP) you’ll obtain, which can be exchanged for better prizes. The Battle Square is a great way to get rare items, equipment and more!

Wonder Square

This area is home to a plethora of different attractions and games, including arm wrestling, basketball, and more. You even have the option to replay mini-games from the story once they’ve been completed! And, of course, you can also win prizes and points to exchanges for rare items here!

The Gold Saucer houses a great variety of fun attractions! Do you have a favorite? Tell us in the FINAL FANTASY Portal App!

Q: What’s your favorite Gold Saucer attraction and why?

Poll Duration:
January 28–February 4, 2021, 7:59 (GMT)

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