• 25 Feb. 2021

FF Weekly: February 25th Remember When...

DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY’s 10th release anniversary is March 3, and to celebrate we’d like to introduce two opposing forces from the game!


The goddess of harmony, faithful to the Great Will that looks over the world, who summons warriors from other worlds to assist in her eons-long battle against the god of discord, Chaos. As the battle continues, she is saddened to see the warriors slain and purified to fight again and again, resolving to imbue them with her power in an effort to end the tragic cycle. Her plans, though, end up upsetting the long-standing balance of the world.


The god of discord, willed by the Great Will to continue a cycle of merciless conflict with Cosmos. However, this time he hatches a scheme to defeat Cosmos and her warriors entirely, bringing about his complete victory. What could Chaos seek to gain from winning this battle?