• 18 Mar. 2021

FF Weekly: March 18th Remember When...

March 21 is the International Day of Forests! FINAL FANTASY titles have lots of forests where you can encounter unique enemies and more, but some of the most memorable are those where chocobos reside! Let’s take a look at a few of the chocobo forests found throughout FINAL FANTASY games.


This marks the first appearance of not only FINAL FANTASY’s first chocobo forest, but chocobos themselves! There is just one chocobo forest in FFII, found south of the Kashuan region, and it’s the only place Firion and friends can find a chocobo to ride in the game. Chocobos in FFII allow quick movement and prevent random encounters!


FFIV features not only more than one chocobo forest, but the first appearance of multiple types of chocobo, each able to traverse different types of terrain! Every forest contains a few yellow chocobos and a white chocobo. There is also the elusive black chocobo, only found in certain forests!


The chocobo forests in FFVIII are once again a place to catch chocobos, but they also offer a minigame to play! Squall must use an item called the ChocoWhis to search out baby chicobos, and when he’s able to lure out a single chicobo on its own, the concerned mother chocobo will show herself. You can then either ride the mother chocobo for transport or have her help you find treasure!

These are just a few examples of chocobo forests. What better day to do some forest exploring in a FINAL FANTASY game than the International Day of Forests!