• 12 Aug. 2021

FF Weekly: August 12th Remember When...

The pixel remasters of FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY II, and FINAL FANTASY III released on July 29! To commemorate, FF Weekly is introducing a selection of supporting characters from the original versions of each game, and today’s game is FINAL FANTASY II!

“Nonsense. You would only waste your lives in the war.
You must go home at once.”

Daughter of the King of Fynn, who takes over for him as leader of the rebellion after he is injured. She is a young but trusted leader, wise and strong-spirited, and while she first opposes FFII main character Firion and his companions joining the rebel cause out of concern for their safety, eventually her mind changes and they work together to take down the empire.


Elder brother of the two princes of Kashuan. He is engaged to Princess Hilda of Fynn, but was thought to be killed fighting the empire. Firion and friends find him hiding away alive, but...

King of Fynn

Injured in the empire’s raid of the kingdom, the King of Fynn rests in the city of Altair, entrusting the rebel cause to his daughter Hilda. Even in his weakened state, the king still manages to issue crucial guidance to Firion and members of his party.

“Now listen, I’ll let you use her until I get better. Got that? Take good care of her...”

The engineer responsible for inventing airships. He used to be a white knight in Fynn, but dropped everything to study and do research overseas upon discovering the technology of flight. Cid now operates an airship transport service in Poft, assisting Firion and comrades at various points over their adventure.


A talented thief who steals only from the Palamecia Empire. Over the course of our heroes’ journey, they are both saved by Paul and return the favor on multiple occasions, growing quite close.

*Images are from the original version of FINAL FANTASY II

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