• 26 Aug. 2021

FF Weekly: August 26th Remember When...

August 30 is National Beach Day in America! Let’s check out some places in FINAL FANTASY games where you can get a little sand and sun!

Costa Del Sol (FFVII)

A sunny resort city, visited by tourists from all over the planet for its beautiful blue ocean views and salty sea breeze. It also operates as the entrance to the western continent due to its trade route with Junon harbor.

Phon Coast (FFXII)

A gorgeous white-sanded beach area situated between the Archadia and Nabradia regions. It used to be a bustling transfer port for sea freight, but has become a camp for rare monster hunters in the age of airships, bringing adventurers from all over the world to gather info or enjoy the coast’s relaxing atmosphere.

Galdin Quay (FFXV)

The most prominent of Lucis’s resorts, with the popular Mother of Pearl offering fresh, delicious seafood dishes that keep the restaurant constantly busy. Galdin Quay also has boats regularly leaving for the Accordo capital city of Altissia.