• 16 Sept. 2021

FF Weekly: September 16th Remember When...

The pixel remasters of FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY II, FINAL FANTASY III, and FINAL FANTASY IV are available now! To commemorate, FF Weekly is introducing a selection of supporting characters from the original versions of each game, and today’s game is FINAL FANTASY III!

”Would that I could travel with you, but I’d only be in your way.”

Princess of Castle Sasune and possessor of the mythril ring used to remove a curse on the residents of Kazus and her home. She bravely sets out on her own to seal away the Djinn, who cast the curse.


A mysterious man who suddenly appeared in the city of Canaan. He has lost his memory but possesses a surprising sense of purpose, joining the warriors of light for a portion of their journey. His purpose is apparently deeply connected to the Tower of Owen that our heroes visit during their journey...

“Guess we’ve gotta beat them to it!”

A troupe of old men from the town of Amur who have convinced themselves they are the warriors of legend. Their conviction is so strong that they eavesdrop on the warriors of light’s conversation to learn their plans, attempting to take the glory for themselves.

Prince Alus

The prince of Saronia, kicked out of the castle after his father, King Gorn, begins acting strangely. He is saved from a group of ruffians by the warriors of light and joins their journey hoping to stop his father’s actions.

Doga & Unei

Two of the three disciples to the great sage Noah who have inherited magical powers from their former master. Using those powers, they offer assistance to the warriors of light at various points during their journey, but it seems their actions are tied by fate to the third disciple.

*Images are from the original version of FINAL FANTASY III

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