• 2 Dec. 2021

FF Weekly: December 2nd Remember When...

The pixel remasters of FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY II, FINAL FANTASY III, FINAL FANTASY IV,and FINAL FANTASY V are available now! To commemorate, FF Weekly is introducing a selection of supporting characters from the original versions of each game, and today’s game is FINAL FANTASY V!

Warriors of Dawn

The four warriors who resealed the evil warlock Exdeath away after his revival 30 years ago. Even now, they take responsibility for watching over the world to protect it.

”Kweh! Kweh kweh!”

FFV protagonist Bartz’s trusty companion on his journey, who nudges him on which choices to make and can outrun monsters. A truly active little chocobo!

“The shock of the two worlds merging sent everything topsy-turvy...including me!”

Despite having the appearance of a turtle, he is a wise old sage who has maintained the seal on Exdeath for many years. He predicted the shattering of the crystals that protect the world and provides invaluable guidance to Bartz and friends on their journey.

Cid & Mid

The elderly inventor of the machines that amplify the crystals’ energy, and his grandson who greatly admires him and his work. Under the intense weight of having known his own invention shattered the crystals, Cid becomes dejected, but Mid lifts his spirits in the aftermath. After that, together they assist our heroes on their adventures while researching at the Library of the Ancients.

“Ha ha! Guess who’s been waiting behind this door the whole time? Yes, it’s me!
Took you long enough, too...I was just getting worried you might have gotten lost!”

A swordsman and the right-hand man, of sorts, of the evil warlock Exdeath. Even so, he possesses a humorous and surprisingly sympathetic, likeable personality. Over his battles with Bartz and comrades, he starts to feel something like companionship toward them, developing a sense of friendly rivalry.

*Images are from the original version of FINAL FANTASY V

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