• 9 Dec. 2021

FF Weekly: December 9th Remember When...

December 15 marks 10 years since FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 was released! To commemorate the occasion, we’d like to introduce two characters central to the game’s story!


Younger sister of the hero Lightning, protagonist of FFXIII who saved humanity three years ago before disappearing. Serah believes her missing sister still lives, and when a mysterious young man named Noel who claims to know Lightning shows up, she embarks on a journey through space and time with him to find her sister.


After appearing to Serah following the meteor crash, it’s revealed he comes from a future where the world is on the edge of destruction. Despite being the last living human, he spent his days alone hunting monsters but never losing hope in humanity’s future. His spirit is recognized by the goddess Etro, who bestows upon him the ability to use Time Gates to travel to different years. With his new ability, he fights to save the world from its fated end.