• 20 Jan. 2022

FF Weekly: January 20th Remember When...

January 22 is Airship Day in Japan, and there is no lack of airships across FINAL FANTASY titles! Let’s take a look at a few of the airships from the FF series.

Airship (FFI)

Created by the sky-dwelling ancestors of a people called the Lufenians. It can be found buried in a certain place, but gaining access to it requires a special item...!

Lunar Whale (FFIV)

Said in legend to be "birthed from womb of Dragon's maw, and borne unto the stars," this giant airship allows travel to the moon with the Crystal of Flight.

Invincible (FFIX)

An airship with connections to FFIX’s antagonist Kuja, and the ability to absorb the souls of those its weapon targets.

Strahl (FFXII)

Sky pirate Balthier’s beloved ship. After obtaining a new skystone to use in the Strahl, the ability to travel freely around FFXII’s world is gained.