• 17 Feb. 2022

FF Weekly: February 17th Remember When...

February 22 is Cat Day in Japan! We’ve selected a few feline friends from across the FINAL FANTASY series to celebrate the occasion.

Mittens (FFIX)

While exploring Alexandria as Vivi at the beginning of FINAL FANTASY IX, you can encounter a young man named Tom who has lost his cat Mittens. He’ll be extremely thankful if you find his cat for him! Don’t forgot to seek him out after finding Mittens for a reward.

Snow (FFXIII-2)

Found by Yuj and cared for by him and the other members of resistance group NORA, the name Snow comes from the group’s absent leader Snow Villiers. The cat has no official name though, and is called by a number of nicknames.

Kitty Catering (FFXV)

In Galdin Quay, you can find a hungry cat on the bridge between the beach and the Mother of Pearl restaurant. You can help alleviate its hunger pains, but...what would a cat want to eat?

There are many other cats all across the FINAL FANTASY series, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!