• 3 Mar. 2022

FF Weekly: March 3rd Remember When...

Today is FINAL FANTASY VIII heroine Rinoa’s birthday! March 6 is also National Dress Day in America, so we’d like to introduce a line of hers from a scene where she wears a beautiful white dress!

“You’re-going-to-like-me... You’re-going-to-like-me...
Did it work?”

A quirky young woman in the resistance group Forest Owls that fights for the nation of Timber’s independence. She first meets the stoic Squall at a party celebrating his and other new members’ acceptance into mercenary force SeeD. Later she requests assistance from SeeD in the Forest Owls’ plan to kidnap the corrupt President of Galbadia, which to her great joy and surprise brings her and Squall together once again! Squall initially shows little interest in Rinoa outside of his assignment, but she begins to crack his steely shell in the adventure that follows.

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