• 14 Apr. 2022

FF Weekly: April 14th Remember When...

April 17 is Dinosaur Day in Japan! Dinosaurs in FINAL FANTASY are usually extremely powerful enemies, and we’ve chosen a few to introduce today! Let’s dig right in.

Tyrannosaur (FFI)

Encountered in the area surrounding the city of Lufenia, this ferocious monster has very high attack and accuracy stats so be careful when battling it!

Brachiosaur (FFVI)

Unusually strong for a non-boss enemy, brachiosaur uses powerful attacks such as Ultima and Spin that can do massive damage to the party. There is a small chance of being able to steal the incredibly rare item ribbon from it though, so while its strength may tempt you to run away, enduring this beast’s barrages is worth it!

T-Rexaur (FFVIII)

You’re likely to come across this behemoth early on in FINAL FANTASY VIII, and you surely won’t stand a chance! Substantially stronger than other early-game enemies, it would probably be best to run rather than fight, at least until you can better prepare your party.

Dinosaur enemies are plentiful in FINAL FANTASY, so you’ll run into many more than we’ve shared today playing games in the series. Happy Dinosaur Day!

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