• 27 Oct. 2022

FF Weekly: October 27th Remember When...

October 27 is International Teddy Bear Day, taking place on the birthday of America’s 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, from whose nickname “Teddy” the adorable stuffed bears take their name!
Let’s look at a quote from a FINAL FANTASY VI character that’s a roaringly good fit for this day!

“You thought I was a...bear?
I guess I’ll, uh...take that as a compliment!”

On their way to the Returners resistance movement hideout, FFVI protagonists Locke, Terra and Edgar are accosted by a man calling himself Vargas, who brings two bear-like monsters along for the fight. Edgar’s long-estranged twin brother Sabin intersects during the battle, defeating Vargas. Locke and Terra are shocked this is the brother of their comrade Edgar, with Terra stating that she thought he was another one of Vargas’s bears. This amuses Sabin who, after some time catching up with his brother, decides to join the adventurers on their journey.

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