• 19 Jan. 2023

FF Weekly: January 5th Poll Results

We've tallied up your votes for which bunny from FINAL FANTASY games you'd like to play with, and the winner is none other than Namingway!

Namingway (FFIV)

Let's take a look at some of your reasons for voting for him.

"Cute and curious little traveler! <3 I'll remember him always!"
"Namingway has always been kind and helpful, seems really chill!"
"Namingway because it’s so hilarious when he becomes “Cheatingway the two-timer.”
"Because he's the cutest! We'd have tea and carrot juice and snacks together and chat about things."

Looks like you all love a cute traveling friend!
Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to vote.

Namingway also appears in the pixel remaster of FINAL FANTASY IV, available now!

Happy new year!
2023 is a year of the bunny, and to start off the new year we’d like to ask you an important question – which cute FINAL FANTASY bunny would you like to play with?

Q. Which of the following bunnies from FINAL FANTASY games would you like to play with?

Namingway (FFIV)

Leaf Bunny (FFVI)

Rabbit (FFXI)

Giza Rabbit (FFXII)

Poll Duration:
January 5–January 11, 2023, 7:59 (GMT)

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