• 12 Jan. 2023

FF Weekly: January 12th Remember When...

January 15 is World Snow Day, encouraging skiing and snowboarding along with the protection and enjoyment of snowy environments around the world! Snowy locations are of no scarcity in FF games, and we’d like to introduce a couple places that let you participate in some invigorating winter sports!

Icicle Inn (FFVII)

A village sitting in the center of the northern continent where it is incredibly cold, covered in snow all year round. People here keep warm with heaters and the like, living a modest livelihood. After stopping at Icicle Inn, Cloud participates in an exciting snowboard run!

Salamand (FFII)

A town sitting in the northern most area of the world. Above it stretches a large snow field, in which sits a snow cave where the royal family is said to have hidden the Goddess’s Bell. Searching for the bell, Firion and friends visit the town of Salamand and borrow Josef’s snowcraft, with which they traverse into the harsh snowy expanse.

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