• 23 Feb. 2023

FF Weekly: February 23rd Remember When...

February 11, 2023, marks the 24th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY VIII’s release in Japan! February 25 is also when the soft-spoken FFVIII character Ward was born!


A large man and part of a trio in the Galbadian army with his friends Kiros and leader Laguna. After losing his voice in a particularly taxing mission, Ward and friends are separated and he steps away from military work. However, both he and Kiros miss life with Laguna and end up seeking out their friend to team up once again. Despite an intimidating appearance, his expressive and amiable demeanor negates any sense of threat even without the ability to speak, and his lack of words creates no trouble in communicating with his friends.

Happy birthday to both FINAL FANTASY VIII and Ward!!

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