• 2 Mar. 2023

FF Weekly: March 2nd Remember When...

March 2 is Mini Day in Japan, encouraging enjoyment of small things and miniatures. FINAL FANTASY games of course feature the mini status effect that shrinks those afflicted with it, along with a number of little monsters, locations and more. Let’s grab a microscope and take a close look at a few!

Tozus (FFIII)

The village of the gnomes, hidden in the depths of a deep forest. The only way to enter it is to be inflicted with the Mini status.

Tiny Mage (FFIV)

As the name suggests, a very small magician! It will counter with drain and hold spells, so be ready for that when you encounter it in battle.


A mirage that can be obtained in areas including the Nether Nebula and the Dragon Scars. It attacks with body slam, throw stone and more!

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