• 9 Mar. 2023

FF Weekly: March 9th Remember When...

March 13 is FINAL FANTASY X-2’s 20th release anniversary in Japan! For the game’s big day we’d like to introduce the stars of FFX-2, the Gullwings, who seek information traveling the world by airship in search of spheres.


The hero who brought about the Eternal Calm, an age of peace, to Spira’s endless cycle of death by defeating the powerful beast Sin that threatened the world. The loss of her beloved Tidus in that battle has left an emptiness in her heart for the past two years. She joins the Gullwings by invitation from her cousin Rikku, who stood as her guardian in the past, where she hopes that her activities there will lead her back to Tidus.


One of Yuna’s former guardians. A bright and active girl who always has to be doing something, never able to sit still. In the Eternal Calm, her activities in the Gullwings put her in possession of a sphere that shows a young man resembling Tidus. Showing Yuna this sphere, she convinces her to join the Gullwings.


A girl with a cool, indifferent personality who keeps her past a secret from those around her. After being confronted with an inconceivable incident in the final selection drill for the Crimson Squad, she joins the Gullwings in search of what’s really going on with Yevon.

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