• 13 Apr. 2023

FF Weekly: April 13th Remember When...

April 13 marks International Plant Appreciation Day! FINAL FANTASY has a veritable garden of botanical places, so let’s check out a few!

Elder Tree (FFIII)

Elder Tree of the Living Woods, turned into a castle by the evil Hein. When the Warriors of Light arrive, the elder tree is saved, but enters a deep sleep to heal itself.

Great Forest of Moore (FFV)

An expansive forest to the east of the town of Moore. The Guardian Tree sitting at the deepest depths of the forest locked away the crystals 1,000 years ago, and with the forest itself now protects them.

Iifa Tree (FFIX)

A magical tree whose roots grow all across the planet of Gaia. It controls the cycle of souls on Gaia and maintains the planet’s environment.

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