• 27 Apr. 2023

FF Weekly: April 27th Remember When...

Happy 33rd anniversary to FINAL FANTASY III! With this many threes all lined up, how could we not introduce a trio from FFIII to celebrate? These are the disciples to the great Magus Noah, who is said to have even been able to command summons like the mighty Leviathan and Bahamut!


Inheritor of the gift of mortality from Noah. He is greatly dissatisfied with this, which makes him declare himself the king of magic and attempt to take the world under his control.


Inheritor of Noah’s magical powers. He was living away from society but steps forth to prevent his fellow disciple Xande from trying to take the world as his own.


Inheritor of Noah’s position as guardian who goes between dreams and the real world. Woken by the sounds of Noah’s lute in the dream world, she awakes to help the Warriors of Light.

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