• 4 May 2023

FF Weekly: May 4th Remember When...

May 5 is National Space Day in America! Let’s look to the stars for some celestial characters and places from across FINAL FANTASY!

The Other Moon (FFIV)

One of the two moons orbiting the world in FINAL FANTASY IV. It is home to an advanced humanoid race called the Lunarians, who built the Red Moon many years ago as a resting place until the civilization of the Blue Planet’s humans progresses to match their own.


A pilot from the Shinra Space Program whose superb technical knowledge once had him planned to become the first space pilot. However, the failed launch of Shinra’s first space rocket causes the company to abandon its space program, leaving Cid dissatisfied with his life. Meeting Cloud and friends gives him a new light on life, though, and he joins them to fight against Shinra.

Lunar Base (FFVIII)

After a horrible incident that destroys the Lunar Base and leaves Rinoa floating outside, stranded, Squall dons a spacesuit himself and jumps into the vast void of space to save her. He succeeds in connecting with her, but now they must find a way back home...

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