• 11 May 2023

FF Weekly: May 11th Remember When...

Archery Day in America falls on May 13 this year, and to commemorate the day we’d like to introduce a couple bow-wielding characters from FINAL FANTASY!

Maria (FFII)

A girl from the city of Fynn, raised together with FINAL FANTASY II protagonists Firion and Guy. She lived life away from her brother Leon after losing both her parents in the war against the Palamecian Empire. Despite strong appearances, as she loses the people she depends on, her defenses weaken, occasionally showing how lonely she truly feels.

Rosa (FFIV)

Known as both the most beautiful woman in Baron and a master archer. Childhood friend of FFIV protagonist Cecil and his friend and rival Kain, with a long-standing romantic interest in Cecil. Out of a desire to help Cecil however possible, she joins a troupe of white mages to train and eventually joins him on his journey.

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