• 18 May 2023

FF Weekly: May 18th Remember When...

May 24 is National Brother’s Day in America! To celebrate, we’ve prepared a couple pairs of brothers from FINAL FANTASY to share with you!

Wakka and Chappu (FFX)

Brothers on the same blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs. They lost their parents at a young age, and Wakka does his best to be a father-figure to Chappu. However, Chappu leaves the world of blitzball and his brother behind to fight against the terrifying monster Sin with the Crusaders and ends up losing his life.

Vayne and Larsa (FFXII)

Sons of Emperor Gramis, who leads the Archadian Empire. Vayne, most likely to inherit his father’s position, takes advantage of the uneasiness in the empire by instigating a great war to sow even more chaos and confusion. On the other hand, Larsa’s desire to alleviate Archadia’s issues and create an era of peace lead him to secretly join FINAL FANTASY XII protagonist Vaan and friends in opposition to the empire, thereby also going against his brother Vayne.

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