• 8 June 2023

FF Weekly: June 8th Remember When...

Japan and much of East Asia have entered the rainy season! We’ve got a downpour of places and scenes from FINAL FANTASY perfect for a rainy day!

Zozo (FFVI)

Zozo is a town of tower-like structures where it constantly rains, built by the people chased out of Jidoor because of its unfair class system. All the residents of this town are habitual liars, with the exception of one person.

Burmecia (FFIX)

The capital of the rat-like Burmecians’ country, where the art of war is highly valued. It was once a beautiful light blue-washed city, but when Zidane and friends arrived in the pouring rain, it had been heavily hit by the Alexandrian army, leaving no resemblance of the once grand sights it had.

Thunder Plains (FFX)

A large plain where the sun never shines, clouded over with constant rain and thunder, requiring one to avoid lightning while crossing it. It’s always been well known as a difficult spot to traverse, but thanks to the lightning rods built by the Al Bhed Bilghen, it’s become comparatively safe to travel through.

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