• 15 June 2023

FF Weekly: June 15th Remember When...

June 16 is International Waterfall Day! Let’s check out some waterfalls and the caves often hidden behind them that FINAL FANTASY has to offer!

Waterfall Cavern (FFI)

A cavern hidden up the river running alongside the city of Onrac. One of the mechanical beings created by the Lufenians landed here when it fell from the Mirage Tower, where it awaits the arrival of the Warriors of Light.

Istory Falls (FFV)

A gorgeous waterfall to the east of the village of Istory. Behind the waterfall sits a cave whose furthest depths hide the sealed-away fourth tablet and sea king, Leviathan.

Greyshire Glacial Grotto (FFXV)

Hidden behind a waterfall west of Lestallum, the depths of this cave hold the tomb of the king known as the Wanderer. Obtaining the Swords of the Wanderer there will add them to the Royal Arms, but if the monsters leading up to it present too much of a challenge, go tackle some sidequests and come back later!

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