• 22 June 2023

FF Weekly: June 22nd Remember When...

National Pink Day is on June 23, and who better to introduce for this day than the pink-haired protagonist of FINAL FANTASY XIII!

“How I live is up to me.”

The protagonist of FINAL FANTASY XIII, fighting against the cruel fate thrust upon her. After Lightning’s beloved sister Serah is turned into a l’Cie by the Pulse fal’Cie Anima, Lightning and friends go after Anima in an attempt to save Serah. However, they are unsuccessful and even end up branded as a l’Cie themselves, burdened by Focus missions of their own. This weighs heavily on Lightning, but she reevaluates herself as she and her l’Cie comrades work to take on the fal’Cie and stop their havoc on the people of Cocoon.

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