• 25 Jan. 2024

FF Weekly: January 25th Remember When...

Happy 15th anniversary to FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: Echoes of Time!! January 29, 2009, marked the game’s initial release in Japan, and we’ve got a character central to the game’s story to share for this momentous day!


A mysterious woman living in a village buried in the deepest depths of a forest. She played a very important role to the game’s hero, raising them as her own family since they have none of their own. While her typical demeanor is quite strict, her private personality is one that cares little of intricacies and she is in fact a free spirit. Sherlotta loves the hero unconditionally, sometimes showing a sense of almost excessive protectiveness toward them. She bestows a crystal upon the hero on the day of their coming-of-age ceremony.

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