• 15 Feb. 2024

FF Weekly: February 15th Remember When...

Family Day in Canada is coming up on February 19! To celebrate, we’d like to introduce a father and son duo from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE!

President Shinra and Rufus Shinra

Growing a simple small weapons manufacturer into a world-leading conglomerate, For President Shinra, the ends—no matter how cruel—justify the means as long as he makes a profit. His son Rufus is the current vice president of the Shinra Electric Power Company, but as Rufus’s philosophy differs from that of his father’s, he holds very little sway within the company. After an extended period away on business, Rufus returns to Midgar upon hearing of the Sector 7 plate’s collapse.

See what role the Shinra Electric Power Company plays in the latest installment of the Remake series, FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, which releases on February 29!

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