• 7 Mar. 2024

FF Weekly: March 7th Remember When...

March 10 is Cactus Day in Japan! And what else can we do for this day here at FF Weekly than introduce a few appearances of the quirky and adorable...well, you know who!


The first appearance of this spiky little fellow shows its trademark high evasion stat, making it extremely difficult to hit. Watch out for its attack 1000 needles, which became a staple for future appearances of cactuars throughout FINAL FANTASY!


Found as a category of the plantoid family of creatures called sabotender, cactuars in FINAL FANTASY XI show the first marked difference in appearances compared to the cactuars found in previous FINAL FANTASY titles. In the eastern Altepa desert that sabotenders call home, there’s also word of a cactuar so fast it’ll make your head spin!


Found exclusively in arid regions, cactuars are known for their ability to survive extended periods under the scorching sun on naught but the moisture stored within their bodies. Conditioned by the brutal nature of their surroundings, cactuars are quick to defend themselves, launching a barrage of needles at potential predators—and the occasional unwary traveler.

There are of course many other appearances of cactuars across other FINAL FANTASY games! Keep a sharp eye for them on your adventures!

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