• 14 Mar. 2024

FF Weekly: March 14th Remember When...

Chocobo Racing celebrates 25 years since its release in Japan on March 18! Let’s take a look at the game to commemorate the occasion!

One sunny day, Chocobo went to visit Cid at his lab. There, Cid announced that he had made a special gift just for Chocobo: the Jet-Blades CR, Cid’s latest and greatest invention! This gadget increases Chocobo’s speed tremendously. Just as Chocobo tries out this new racing machine, an uninvited and somewhat unexpected guest appears on the scene...

Familiar characters from both the FINAL FANTASY and Chocobo series chase after legendary Blue Crystals in a slapstick adventure with exciting races! We even heard from a little chocobo that there are secret characters waiting to be unlocked by savvy players!

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