• 23 May 2024

FF Weekly: May 23rd Remember When...

National Sing Out Day is celebrated in America on May 25, and we’ve got a concert worth of singing selections from across FINAL FANTASY to share for the occasion!

Opera (FFVI)

When Locke and friends arrive in Jidoor, they learn that the impresario of the opera house is wracking his brain over a letter from a man named Setzer, claiming that he is coming to abduct Maria, the star of the opera. When the party learns that Setzer is in possession of the airship Blackjack, they decide to have FFVI heroine Celes take Maria’s place in the opera in order to get close to Setzer.

Songstress (FFX-2)

In the sequel to FINAL FANTASY X, our story begins as an imposter impersonating Yuna takes the stage, with Yuna and her friends Rikku and Paine rushing in to stop them. In a scene later in their adventure, Yuna performs a concert to join the hearts of the people of Spira.


A theatrical production based on the classic epic poem Loveless. It depicts a hero's fight against the Dragon King, the tyrannical ruler of Guardia, as well as his love for Princess Rosa. Thanks to the latest in VR technology, the Gold Saucer's Golden Theatre brings this play to life like never before. Depending on your relationship with your fellow theatergoers, the person playing Rosa may even change - along with parts of the script. During the show, a heartfelt vocal performance from Aerith also awaits!