• 6 June 2024

FF Weekly: June 6th Remember When...

Sheep Day in Japan is on June 6! We’ve wrangled up a flock of sheep from across FINAL FANTASY to share for the occasion!

Beastmaster (FFV)

Sporting a fluffy sheep outfit, Beastmasters can control and capture monsters, using their abilities to assist in battle. Privy to fairly high attack power, they can also equip whips, which don’t lose strength even when a character is in the back row.

Yan (FFIX)

Appearing on Vile Island, this stern-looking little guy is wildly powerful compared to other normal encounters in FINAL FANTASY IX. There is also a friendly version of Yan that can be encountered, but don’t make it mad – it’s even stronger than its white-wooled friend.

Ram (FFXI)

A beast so massive it can be recognized by the ground shaking as it approaches. Even when first encountered, the strength these monsters possess sets them apart from the rest, striking fear in the hearts of adventurers who encounter them. Powerful notorious monster versions of these including Steelfleece Baldarich have the Draw In ability, making running from them a real nuisance.