• 13 June 2024

FF Weekly: June 13th Remember When...

June 15 is National Bug Busting Day in the UK! To join in the pest prevention, we’ve got a crew of creepy crawlies from across FINAL FANTASY to share!

Antlion (FFIV)

This boss monster waits in the deepest depths of the Antlion’s Nest. It returns physical attacks with Counter Horn, dealing considerable damage.

Bite Bug (FFVIII)

One of the first enemies encountered in FINAL FANTASY VIII, its Needle attack can inflict poison on party members!


This monster disguises itself as treasure. Be careful if you’re hunting for goodies in the Lhusu Mines, as it can be encountered in remote areas of that dungeon!

Killer Bee (FFXV)

A nasty-looking beastie that flies low, darting around. The killer bees fought in the To Sting In Anger hunt are tougher to stun than those normally encountered, so be extra careful if you take on that task!

There are swarms of other buglike monsters all across FINAL FANTASY! Be sure to not get busted yourself.