• 4 July 2024

FF Weekly: July 4th Remember When...

Japan celebrates Ponytail Day on July 7, and we’ve bundled together a selection of characters perfect for this day! Let’s dive right in!

Porom (FFIV)

The older of a pair of twin mages from the magic city of Mysidia. Recognizing their unusual magic power, the Elder of Mysidia trained both Porom and her brother Palom daily in the ways of magic. Porom is calm and collected beyond her years, brought about by the precocious mishaps of her mischievous younger brother. Originally requested by the Mysidia Elder to accompany FFIV protagonist Cecil on his journey in order for them to keep an eye on him after he attacked their hometown at the command of the king of Baron, their opinion of Cecil changes as they journey together.

Lyse Hext (FFXIV)

Hailing from the village of Ala Gannha, this Highlander woman battled the Empire’s forces alongside her Scion companions across the breadth of Gyr Abania, and it was in the aftermath of one such skirmish that Conrad, with his dying breath, bid her assume leadership of his freedom fighters. Yet even as she struggled to shoulder the burdens of her unexpected command, Lyse’s actions in the war were pivotal in winning freedom for her homeland.


A member of the anti-Shinra resistance group Avalanche. In charge of procurement, Jesse obtains all the material needed for the group’s operations, from explosives to fake IDs. Skilled at tinkering with machines, she also earns operating funds by repairing water filtration units and other devices to sell on. A caring sort with a weakness for handsome men.

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