• 24 May 2019

[Updated May 24] Tomy's FINAL FANTASY XIV Level 70 Challenge!

I'm a FINAL FANTASY XIV newb who's decided to take on the challenge of reaching level 70 before the upcoming expansion! I'll be sharing the ups and downs of my adventures here!

Character Info
Name: Tomy Ffportal
Server: Hades
Class: Marauder
Time Limit: Until the release of Shadowbringers on July 2

Posted on May 24

There's a Lalafell girl singing songs with somewhat odd lyrics, but who is oh-so-adorable! As for me, completing quest after quest has gotten many to recognize my skills and strength. Hereafter, as a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, I vow to help those in need!

There's a secret password of course. There always is!

Anyway, back to my adventure. I was tasked to defeat the primal Ifrit, but this battle was nothing like the dungeons so far. Not only does Ifrit hit extremely hard, but the ground lights up, and―OW! With the help and heroics of seasoned Warriors of Light, I managed to conquer the mighty beast.

More exciting news: I was recruited by the Grand Company Maelstrom! And I finally got my own chocobo!

I named her Crystal. She's the cutest thing ever, and I've cut down on travel time! Not only that, after completing a sidequest, she's now a companion that can fight with me in battle. My new BFF!

As I made my way through the main storyline, I encountered goblins similar to those from FINAL FANTASY XI. Some have made themselves at home in the dungeon Brayflox's Longstop, and while they seem helpful, they're really not... It's hard to explain, so you should see for yourself!

After the banquet, we all headed out to prepare for our battle against the primal Titan. I heard something about "falling," whatever that means. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!

Posted on May 20

Hi, everyone! This is Tomy from the FF portal team again, and I've been leveling like a madwoman! At first, I was grabbing all the quests in town I could find, but then I decided to focus on the main quests and found myself at level 30 in no time! The marauder quests have been smooth going too, and I've been receiving class-specific gear as rewards.

Um, hello? You can't see my face with this gear! I want to dress up in different armor like everyone else!

And then I learned about the glamour system, a system that lets players change the look of their gear. I immediately raced to the inn near the Adventurers' Guild in record time.

I took out the Hatching-tide gear from my armoire and set it on the glamour plate. Then I used the glamour prism I received from a quest just moments ago...

Ta-da! Glamourization complete! Same gear, different appearance. I can't wait to experiment with different combinations! I can see myself spending a lot of time here. This is going to make questing so much more fun!

As I progressed through the level 30 marauder class quest, Curious Gorge presented me with the Soul of the Warrior. It looks like we'll both be on a journey to become a great warrior.

And with the warrior's soul crystal, I unlocked the warrior job. I vow to become the strongest and best warrior of them all!


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