• 11 July 2019

FF Weekly: July 11th Poll

On July 19, 1991, FINAL FANTASY IV was released in Japan for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).

Today's poll centers around the number four, a popular theme in the FINAL FANTASY series!

Q. Which of FINAL FANTASY IV's four elemental archfiends would you serve?

  • Scarmiglione of Earth
  • Cagnazzo of Water
  • Barbariccia of Wind
  • Rubicante of Fire

Q. Which of FINAL FANTASY's four fiends of Chaos would you serve?

  • The Fiend of Earth, Lich
  • The Fiend of Fire, Marilith
  • The Fiend of Water, Kraken
  • The Fiend of Wind, Tiamat

Q. Which of FINAL FANTASY V's four Warriors of Dawn would you serve?

  • Dorgann Klauser
  • Galuf Halm Baldesion
  • Kelger Vlondett
  • Xezat Matias Surgate

Poll Duration:
July 11–July 18, 2019, 6:59 (GMT)

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