• 14 Jan. 2021

FF Weekly: January 14th Remember When...

It’s National Hat Day tomorrow in the US, and we’ve got some head attire-sporting FINAL FANTASY characters for the occasion! Let’s dive right in.

Black Mage (FFI)

Who can forget one of the original hat wearers from the first FINAL FANTASY title: the black mage! As one of the initial jobs available when forming your party, this magic-user casts offensive spells to attack enemies in battle. You could even make a party of four black mages to celebrate hat day!

Irvine Kinneas (FFVIII)

A master sniper from Galbadia Garden, sporting a ten-gallon hat. Although a bit of a jokester with a soft spot for the ladies, his seemingly light-hearted nature is his way of coping with how much he struggles under pressure. Hat, jokes and all, he becomes an invaluable comrade to Squall and friends!

Freya Crescent (FFIX)

A Burmecian Dragon Knight sporting a bright-red coat and cap to match! Though a proud, stoic warrior, she is weighed down by longing for her lost love Fratley, whom she is searching for when she joins Zidane and friends on their journey.

Ardyn Izunia (FFXV)

Aloof and mysterious Ardyn dons a leather hat. As Chancellor of Niflheim, he rose in the ranks through his introduction of magitek infantry to the imperial army. Is he friend or foe to Noctis and his companions?

On this National Hat Day, we tip our hats to these FINAL FANTASY characters!