• 29 July 2021

FF Weekly: July 29th Remember When...

Today marks the beginning of FINAL FANTASY’s pixel remaster series with the release of FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY II, and FINAL FANTASY III! To commemorate the occasion, FF Weekly will be introducing a selection of supporting characters as they appear in the original versions of each game over the next few months, starting with FFI. Let’s jump right in!

“’ve come to rescue me?
I don’t know how I can ever thank you...”

The princess of Cornelia, the kingdom where FFI’s adventure beings. A kind young woman with a proper upbringing, the Warriors of Light rescue her from the Chaos Shrine.


A witch living in a cave northeast of Cornelia with a group of talking brooms. Her Crystal Eye that allows her to see has been stolen, and the Warriors of Light must return it to her.


An elderly dwarf who spends all his time digging, hoping to reach the other side of the ocean. Upon hitting a rock too hard to dig through, it’s up to our heroes to deliver Nitro Powder so he can blow it up.

”I see...a cycle of wrath...
A dim light...guided by destiny..."

Leader of the twelve sages, guided by the stars and prophecies, who reside in Crescent Lake. The sages’ prophecies predicted the coming of the Warriors of Light and provide support and encouragement to them on their quest.


The king of the dragons who dislikes useless killing; even said to have lived together with humans at one point. He recognizes and rewards those who, by bringing back a token from the Citadel of Trials, prove their bravery as true heroes.

*Images are from the original version of FINAL FANTASY

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