• 5 Aug. 2021

FF Weekly: August 5th Remember When...

We’re right in the middle of Star Week, the first week of August, which is considered by many in Japan to be the best time to look up to the night sky and observe the stars! FINAL FANTASY isn’t lacking in starry characters, places and more – let’s check out a few!

Bugenhagen’s Planetarium (FFVII)

Bugenhagen is the elder of Cosmo Canyon (hometown of Red XIII), who possesses great wisdom about many things, but especially about the planet where FFVII takes place. When Cloud and friends face the destruction of the planet, they go to Bugenhagen for advice and he uses his planetarium to explain the workings of the planet and the lifestream, and advises them on how to proceed in their journey.

Star Sybil (FFXI)

The Federation of Windurst’s head of state and spiritual leader of the Tarutaru, said to be “the reincarnation of the goddess Altana.” She takes no personal name during her time as Star Sybil, as all other Star Sybils before her have done. During a ceremony called the Star Reading, the Star Sybil foretells the future, using that knowledge to guide her people. The current Star Sybil foresees the destruction of Windurst and seeks a means to save her nation and people.

Astrologian (FFXIV)

Astrologian is a class available in FFXIV’s Heavensward expansion that employs a star globe and divining deck of cards to employ spells that heal and support both themselves and allies. Astrologians are masters of arcana, reading the stars to gain power over fate and nudge fortune in their favor!