• 20 Oct. 2021

[Part I] Celebrating 10 years! Key Concepts to Understanding FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0!

October 27 marks the 10th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0’s initial release in Japan!

The world of FF Type-0 is full of unique charm. For those who have not yet played the game, we will introduce a few key concepts to better understand the story over the course of two articles.

If you find your interest piqued, we urge you to pick up and play the game!

The Story of FINAL FANTASY Type-0

The story follows a group of young warriors who are thrust into a fierce conflict over the realm’s crystals.

In the world of Orience there are four nations, each bearing a crystal with a unique power.

The people of these nations enjoy the crystals’ blessings and continue to grow and develop in their own ways. However, their peaceful lives are disrupted by an abrupt war.

Four forces clash over the crystals...

How will our heroes fight and live through this raging war?

◆Key Concept #1
Nations at War over Orience’s Crystals

The people of Orience have been at war since time immemorial. The four nations fight over the crystals, which are sources of great power.

The Dominion of Rubrum: Vermillion Bird Crystal (Power: Magic)

A dominion of fertile land and a mild climate ruled by Khalia Chival VI. Thanks to the power of the crystal, its people are the only ones in Orience who can use magic.

The Milites Empire: White Tiger Crystal (Power: Weapons)

A totalitarian nation ruled by Imperial Marshal Cid Aulstyne boasting advanced technology and machines. Its people are greatly impoverished, partly due to the weakening White Tiger Crystal and the harsh climate.

Kingdom of Concordia: Azure Dragon Crystal (Power: Dragons)

A land ruled by Queen Andoria and granted the power to communicate with dragons and beasts by the crystal. All the nation’s important governmental posts are occupied by women, and its people are known for having the greatest longevity in Orience.

The Lorican Alliance: Black Tortoise Crystal (Power: Sword/Shield)

A robust and indomitable alliance comprised mostly of warriors who absorb the power of the crystal to fortify their bodies. The alliance lasted more than 700 years before being wiped off the map by the Milites Empire’s devastating Ultima Bomb.

◆Key Concept #2
Forgotten in Death

When someone dies in Orience, the crystal erases all traces of them from the memories of the living. This is said to be the crystal’s mercy: allowing those in the throes of war to fight even after the passing of a loved one, though it essentially causes those still alive to forget the dead.

For this very reason, Rubrum provides its people with “knowing tags” after they are born. The tags are inscribed with the wearer’s personal information and are meant to be kept with them at all times. It is both proof of their existence and a way to inform those close to them of their passing.

◆Key Concept #3
L’Cie, Chosen by the Crystal

L’Cie are chosen by the crystals and given a mission—known as a Focus—along with special abilities. Though they exist in each nation, they serve only the crystals. They have no lifespan and cannot die unless they are fatally wounded in battle, so some l’Cie—such as Rubrum’s Caetuna—have survived since ancient times.

However, l’Cie are not immortal. Once their mission is fulfilled, they sublimate and crystalize. If they go against the will of the crystal and refuse to carry out their Focus, they will be robbed of their free will and transformed into a monster known as a Cie'th.

◆Key Concept #4
Akademeia’s Agito Cadets

The Vermilion Peristylium is Rubrum’s capital and political center. Research on magic—Rubrum’s greatest strength—is conducted here; however, its original purpose is to train the Agito, the saviors of Orience. Students at Akademeia who show promise undergo vigorous training as Agito Cadets.

Candidates are grouped into classes to best cultivate their capabilities. Among them are students donning vermilion capes, in a league all their own. They are the legendary Class Zero...


That wraps up today’s key concepts! We will introduce the game’s heroes, Class Zero, and their supporting characters in the next part coming on October 27. We hope to see you there!

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