• 6 Jan. 2022

FF Weekly: January 6th Remember When...

Happy New Year!!
2022 is a year of the tiger, and to start off the new year in FF Weekly we’d like to introduce some tiger-related monsters and characters from FINAL FANTASY games!

Weretiger (FFI)

One of the first appearances of a tiger in a FINAL FANTASY game! Their normal attacks can inflict poison, so make sure you have antidotes or a Poisona spell handy when facing this beast.

Tigers (FFXI)

Aggressive hunters that stalk their prey in the forests, wastelands and tundras of Vana’diel, of which there are types with dark fur and a vibrantly coated breed called the Smilodon. Tigers can be tamed by beastmasters to become valued allies and pets.

Cid Aulstyne (FF Type-0)

Head of the Milites Empire, which controls the White Tiger Crystal. A charismatic man with exceptional abilities in all respects, he uses his position of power within the Crystal-State to manipulate the White Tiger l’Cie and make them military weapons of his command.

Byakko (FFXIV)

The first of the Four Lords to befriend the hero who drove off myriad vile oni in the Tale of Tenzen, the Far East’s most prolific legend. He possesses a glossy white coat and unparalleled martial prowess.