• 24 Feb. 2022

FF Weekly: February 24th Remember When...

The pixel remasters of FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY II, FINAL FANTASY III, FINAL FANTASY IV, FINAL FANTASY V and FINAL FANTASY VI are available now! To commemorate, FF Weekly is introducing a selection of supporting characters from the original versions of each game, and today’s game is FINAL FANTASY VI!

“You’re a human being before you’re a soldier. Don’t be so eager to throw away your life.”

A man opposed to the use of magic despite being a general in the evil Gestahlian Empire, who rose to his position purely through his own resourcefulness. His respect for human life regardless of alliance draws admiration from friend and foe alike.


The man who commands the resistance group the Returners, who meets magic-user Terra while battling against the Gestahlian Empire’s endless invasions of other countries. Upon realizing that combining forces with the espers might be a good way to fight the empire, he asks for Terra’s assistance in allying with them.

“The earth tried to swallow me up once or twice, but I just pried its jaws open and climbed back out!”

The martial arts master who trained Sabin, a prince of Figaro, after he ran away from his homeland.


Lover of the adventurer Locke, who loses her memory after falling off a bridge while trying to protect him. Locke leaves his hometown when Rachel having forgotten who he is brings turmoil to her family.


The beloved wife of the samurai Cyan, who dies when Kefka poisons the kingdom’s water. Even after death, she appears to Cyan in his dreams and helps him follow the path of the samurai.

“I’ll fly past the clouds and see the stars closer than anyone ever has before!”

A woman who piloted the fastest airship in the world, the Falcon, and rival and close friend of airship casino operator Setzer. She was killed in an airship test.

*Images are from the original version of FINAL FANTASY VI

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