• 10 Mar. 2022

FF Weekly: March 10th Remember When...

Today marks the release of Chocobo GP! To commemorate the occasion, we’d like to take a look at chocobo across the FINAL FANTASY series.

Beginning with FFII, chocobo have appeared in many FF titles, first able to fly in FFIV and then taking part in races, treasure hunts and more in following games! There are a wide variety of chocobo, and today we’re going to focus on the many colors of chocobo you can encounter throughout the worlds of FINAL FANTASY.


The chocobo was white for its first appearance in FINAL FANTASY II! There was also a white chocobo called Sparkster in FINAL FANTASY XII.


Who can forget the classic yellow chocobo! It appears all across the FINAL FANTASY series, giving characters rides or taking them wherever they need to go depending on the title!


FINAL FANTASY IV marked the introduction of the flying black chocobo. Its mobility is limited, however, with wings unable to take it very high and only being able to land in forests.


The river chocobo in FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY IX were blue in color. The chill shade of their plumage looks pretty cool!


FINAL FANTASY IX’s chocobo evolves by finding chocographs, with the mountain chocobo taking on a shade of red. Red chocobo also make an appearance in FINAL FANTASY XIII-2!


The green mountain chocobo appears in FINAL FANTASY VII, and there are also green chocobo in FINAL FANTASY XII!

These are just a few examples of each color, so keep an eye out for more similarly shaded chocobo when playing FINAL FANTASY games!

Chocobo GP is available now for Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop!

Chocobo GP’ is also now available on iOS and Android devices!

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