• 24 Mar. 2022

FF Weekly: March 24th Remember When...

March 29 is World Piano Day, and coming up very soon! To celebrate the occasion, we’ve gathered a medley of piano-related scenes from FINAL FANTASY games!

Piano Master (FFV)

By playing all the pianos in various locations throughout FINAL FANTASY V’s world, you can become a piano master! After doing so, by going to a certain place you can also get something nice for the bard job.

Tifa’s Piano (FFVII)

A piano found in Tifa’s house in Nibelheim can be played at various points of FINAL FANTASY VII’s story, giving a few different rewards depending on when and how it is played. This apparently also has something to do with Tifa’s ultimate limit break...

Julia (FFVIII)

In the first of many cryptic dreams Squall and crew have over the course of FINAL FANTASY VIII’s story, mystery man Laguna and his friends take some time to relax at a bar in the Galbadian capital of Deling City. There they see a performance by the beautiful pianist Julia, for whom Laguna has a soft spot. Will he be able to express his feelings for her?

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