• 7 Apr. 2022

FF Weekly: April 7th Remember When...

April 10 is on the way, and it marks two years since FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE released! We'd like to introduce someone who rides a vehicle with the same number of wheels as years FFVII REMAKE has been out – the motorcycle-loving Roche!

A SOLDIER: Third Class with adequate skills for further promotion, but who remains on the bottom rung due to his exclusive interest in assignments involving motorcycles. Nicknamed the Speed Demon, his flashy antics and disregard for the safety of even fellow SOLDIERs causes him to be disliked by those around him. While FFVII REMAKE protagonist Cloud is traveling by motorcycle to Midgar’s Sector 7 for a secret mission with Jessie and other Avalanche members, Roche confronts them and a motorcycle duel ensues.

Roche makes further appearances later on in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE as well. Give the game a shot to see more of this motorcycle maniac!

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